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New Kindle Gets Exclusive on DC Graphic Novels

@ 11:36 PM on September 30, 2011

Initial offerings includes Watchmen, the acclaimed graphic novel by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons, which has more than a million copies in print; it has never been offered digitally before. The rest of the line-up includes such perennial favorite…

30 Amazing And Revolutionary Concept Designs

@ 9:50 PM on September 30, 2011

A concept is an abstract idea built from other objects which act as the concept’s characteristics. It’s an object or a design that not always becomes real but I think in most cases, they all deserve to materialize. Take for examples the con…

Video: The iGIZMO Team Talks Tablet Publishing

@ 7:23 PM on September 30, 2011

It’s no mystery that the interactive features have helped iGIZMO expand its readership. Jonathan Kitchen, Commercial Director, shares some numbers with us. “The tablet application has seen a constant increase in new readers. We’re seeing …

Missed GRAPH EXPO? Catch Up with PMC’s News from the Printerverse

@ 5:26 PM on September 30, 2011

This is a Special Edition of our newsletter containing information about some of the Products and Services shown at GRAPH EXPO for all of you who couldn’t attend, and those who did but couldn’t see everything!

The information below was provide…

The History of the Ampersand and Showcase

@ 5:22 PM on September 30, 2011

The ampersand is one of the most unique typographical characters out there.

Typography designers can exercise a lot more artistic freedom in the design of the ampersand, ranging from very traditional representations to those that bear little r…

A Brief History of the Emoticon

@ 10:14 PM on September 29, 2011

Did you know the emoticon is almost 30 years old? Twenty-nine years ago, Scott Fahlman, a computer scientist at Carnegie Mellon University, first proposed a colon, hyphen and bracket as a way of conveying emotional meaning via plain text.


Designing Women: 25 Female Designers and Illustrators We Love

@ 9:19 PM on September 29, 2011

Here at GOOD, we’ve had the privilege of working with lots of talented women. Our in-house design team is female-dominated; four out of six designers on staff are women who crank out terrific work on a daily basis. So we found ourselves puzzled…

Amazon Kindle Announcement News Roundup #eprdctn #epub

@ 7:45 PM on September 29, 2011

Here’s the best of the web on the Amazon announcement and what it means for book publishing:





Kindle Fire: 3 killer features that rock, 3 that worry

@ 6:50 PM on September 29, 2011

2. Amazon’s App Store Is The Only App Store

We’re sure you’ve heard all about how Android is supposed to be an open-source platform and how it’s led to all this crazy fragmentation by different companies skinning and modifying it, but Amazon’s…

IAB Released Internet Ad Revenue Report: Ad Revenue Reaches Record $15B In First Half Of 2011; Up 23 Percent

@ 9:20 PM on September 28, 2011

The Internet Advertising Bureau just released its numbers of the first half of 2011, and it looks like internet ad revenue reached record highs during the time period. Internet ad revenues rose 23.2 percent — to a record $14.9 billion — in …