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30 Awesome Minimalist Superhero Posters

@ 8:41 PM on November 30, 2011

Screen Rant presents 30 minimalist superhero posters ranging from Batman, Superman & Iron Man to off-beat heroes like Gizmo Duck, Darkwing Duck & more.

Mag+ Lowers Price of Tablet Publishing, Adds Android Support

@ 7:07 PM on November 30, 2011

Now Mag+ has slashed that cost almost in half. Its $199 Mag+ Go option lets you start in InDesign and end up with an app you can distribute in the App Store and in the Android Marketplace. The app can only be a one-off — that is, not a period…

Receive RSS Updates Via Twitter DM

@ 5:14 PM on November 30, 2011

Other services send RSS feeds to your public Twitter feed. Instead, FeedTwit sends RSS feeds to Twitter by DM. This keeps you from annoying your followers with information only you are interested in and might even allow you to keep up with your…

Software to Rate How Drastically Photos Are Retouched –

@ 4:46 PM on November 30, 2011

“We’re just after truth in advertising and transparency,” Mr. Matlins said. “We’re not trying to demonize Photoshop or prevent creative people from using it. But if a person’s image is drastically altered, there should be a reminder…

30 Amazingly Creative Social Bookmarks Icon Sets : Speckyboy Design Magazine

@ 4:45 PM on November 30, 2011









Should Retouched Photos Come With Warning Labels? –

@ 4:45 PM on November 30, 2011

A Ralph Lauren ad, featuring a model with hips narrower than her head — so cartoonish, so grotesque, so right for Halloween — has become the latest focus of the already ongoing criticism of digitally altered fashion spreads, even though it …

Student Opinion | Do Photoshopped Images Make You Feel Bad About Your Own Looks?

@ 4:44 PM on November 30, 2011

How do you feel about this kind of altering of photos of models and celebrities? Do you agree with those who want to label retouched images like these because they may promote unrealistic expectations of appropriate body image and contribute to…

Adobe to Enable Better Digital Marketing Decisions with Efficient Frontier

@ 2:51 PM on November 30, 2011

The success of any marketing campaign boils down to choices decision-makers must make every day. From the most simple to the most complex, digital marketers have a myriad of decisions to make that have the potential to define, or in more dramat…

Van Gogh’s Dream App Made with InDesign & Adobe Digital Publishing Suite

@ 2:48 PM on November 30, 2011

Adobe and the Van Gogh’s Dream app for iPad : During his stay at the Auberge Ravoux, an artist café located in the heart of Auvers-sur-Oise in France, Vincent van Gogh wrote in a letter dated June 10, 1890 to his brother Theo: “Some day or ano…

4 Essential Facebook Page Apps To Improve Communication With Fans

@ 9:56 PM on November 29, 2011

The number of Facebook applications can seem a little overwhelming at times. While Facebook doesn’t share an exact number, an independent website called AppData monitors trends for over 100,000 Facebook applications, which is a lot to sift th…