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How to Spot a Photoshopped Image

@ 10:20 PM on June 29, 2012

As people become more adept at manipulating digital photography (for instance, by coming on our Photoshop course!) – and as the technology for it advances – it is becoming more and more tricky to spot a photoshopped image. So where do you s…

For Designers’ Clients – Free PSD / AI / EPS Viewers (for Windows)

@ 8:27 PM on June 29, 2012

Photoshop, Illustrator and Freehand, besides being amazing applications, all have a bad feature; their initial load is pretty slow.

And, when you only need to see what is inside a vector file to find the right one or you don’t have these appli…

The Evolution of the Web (The design and technology of the timeline is as interesting as the information it contains)

@ 8:15 PM on June 28, 2012

The craft of screen graphics and movie user interfaces – conversation with Jayse Hansen

@ 6:12 PM on June 28, 2012

At times futuristic, at times mirroring the outer edge of the latest research, and almost always an integral part of the story. In this conversation Jayse Hansen talks about fictional user interfaces, his approach to the initial research, inter…

About those vector icons · Pushing Pixels

@ 6:11 PM on June 28, 2012

Why can’t we just use vector-based icons in our application? This question, in a variety of reinterpretations, keeps on resurfacing in various forums, blogs and articles. It is asked in the context of desktop applications where the same icon …

From blog to book the art of self-publishing

@ 3:54 PM on June 28, 2012

Today, it’s a very different story for your story. While opportunities for a mainstream book deal are still scarce, technology has upped its game and blown open the routes to market for those with a desire to publish their words. Much of the …

Aquafadas Adds 40 Features to its Digital Publishing System Version 2.0: Including ePub3 Support

@ 9:59 PM on June 27, 2012

Aquafadas, a leading vendor of digital publishing solutions, announced today that version 2.0 of its Digital Publishing System is now available. Version 2.0 includes ePub3 support, 6 new games and 40 additional new features.

Publishers of ric…

Why you should use Adobe Illustrator to create user interfaces

@ 7:33 PM on June 26, 2012

Novice designers always come up with a question about which application to use to create user interfaces. Most choose a bitmap editor such as Photoshop. However, I believe vector editors are better suited for this purpose, especially when it co…

Scratching the Surface The uncertain future of Microsoft’s tablet

@ 10:03 PM on June 25, 2012

Monday’s clandestine launch ceremony for its new Surface tablet ignited Internet debate in a way seldom seen for other product launches for the company. This viral buzz is well earned: Surface is both a bold new direction for Microsoft and th…

It’s Guest Blog Wednesday featuring A.J. Wood! | Scott Kelby’s Photoshop Insider

@ 6:28 PM on June 20, 2012

A while back I read somewhere that “Success = Happiness”. I think the writer had the equation reversed. I say work on being happy, and you’ll redefine your vision of success. Happiness should be easy, and maybe it is for some people, but …