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Pantone Colors of Famous Super Heroes

@ 6:53 PM on July 31, 2012

Every person has his own imaginary world in which he has his own world where every impossible thing in possible, basically imagination is also the most important thing that make one creative. It’s also a fact that every person also has his mo…

9 Nifty Laptop Feet to Keep Your PC Running Cool

@ 6:38 PM on July 31, 2012

Does your laptop threaten to melt down every time the mercury rises? If you don’t want to invest in a pricey laptop fan stand, consider some super-portable “feet,” a good solution to combat overheating.

Help prevent your portable PC from…

How To Block Access to wp-config.php and .htaccess file #WordPress #Security

@ 5:04 PM on July 30, 2012

How To Create Strong Passwords That You Can Remember Easily

@ 11:27 PM on July 29, 2012

1. First, think of a thing, date, phrase, event, place or anything that is unique only to you. It must be at least 8 characters long. I call this the salt term. For demonstration purposes, I will use my name Damien Oh as the salt term throughou…

InDesign to HTML5 Converter Kickstarter Project 25% Funded

@ 7:08 PM on July 24, 2012

It will be as easy as File > Export, very similar to the fantastic Interactive SWF exporter currently in InDesign, except that it will not rely on the Flash Player (and will thus work on mobile devices, including iPads and iPhones).

The export…

Create your own ebook for the iPad

@ 7:05 PM on July 24, 2012

Publishing and marketing company, Blurb, have announced their latest idea to improve their ebook platform and plug-in for Adobe InDesign, allowing users to design and upload their own ebooks to be viewed on the iPad.

Self-publishing a book – 25 things you need to know

@ 7:05 AM on July 22, 2012

Where Microsoft Has ‘More Taste’ Than Apple #UX #UXDesign

@ 4:15 PM on July 21, 2012

Apple’s most recent skeuomorph is one of the worst. The company’s Podcasts app, released in June, actually shows a reel-to-reel tape playing while the podcast is running. Do people under the age of 30 even know what a reel-to-reel tape play…

The New Microsoft Office 2013 Running Full Applications on Windows Tablet [video]

@ 9:30 PM on July 20, 2012

Even at this early stage, I really like The New Microsoft Office, but it’s important to point out that this suite of productivity apps is not free. So I wouldn’t blame you for asking why a business would pay for it when it could get a comparabl…

Google Drive vs. Dropbox, SkyDrive, SugarSync, and others a cloud sync storage face-off

@ 4:37 PM on July 20, 2012

Google Drive vs. Dropbox, SkyDrive, SugarSync, and others: a cloud sync storage face-off