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How to Stay Safe on Public Wi-Fi Networks

@ 3:47 PM on September 30, 2013

“this leaves you unprotected against malicious users in the same coffee shop, so there are a few settings you should always make sure to tweak when you’re connected to a public network. We’re going to show you which settings are the most import…

Best 50 Niche Job Boards–Design, HealthCare, More

@ 2:59 PM on September 30, 2013

“Where to post job openings? Niche job boards attract top talent, giving you quality candidates with experience or interest in your specific industry. Niche sites to post jobs include not only niche job boards, but also niche communities and publications. In posting 125,000+ jobs for 25,000+ companies, SmartRecruiters found that 62% of open jobs are posted to niche job sites. Niches are just a good way to target whatever type of talent you are looking for.”

This Video of Steve Jobs Led to Invalidation of Apple’s Patent

@ 2:44 PM on September 30, 2013

“A German court recently sided with Samsung (SSNLF.PK) and Google’s (NASDAQ:GOOG) Motorola Mobility and declared one of Apple’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) so-called “rubber-banding” patents to be invalid based on the content of a six-year old video presentation by Steve Jobs, reports Foss Patents. Under German law, public demonstrations of an invention before the patent is filed can be used as examples of prior art when deciding whether or not to grant a patent.

8 Really Geeky But Creative Ways To Use QR Codes At Home

@ 2:21 PM on September 30, 2013

“You may say that QR codes are fads, some may say QR codes are awesome…the moot point is that it’s a tool, and with a bit of thought, QR codes can be used in fun and useful ways around the house too. Here are a few I put together with some nice examples found around the web. If you believe in doing things differently, read on.”

14 weird and wonderful uses for Helvetica

@ 1:34 PM on September 30, 2013

“Think Helvetica’s a boring typeface? Check out the inventive uses these creatives have put it to, and you may think again!”

Attorneys: Patent Law Differences Invalidate Apple Patent in Germany But Hold Up in U.S., Japan #PTO #Patent

@ 12:26 PM on September 30, 2013

“Since Jobs publicly unveiled the rubber-banding feature during the original iPhone presentation five months before priority date for the German patent, his demonstration of this feature was an eligible example of prior art. It should be noted that, at the time of Jobs’s presentation, European patent laws did not allow inventors any grace period before filing their patent applications.

Men should wear makeup: Looking younger and better isn’t just for women. – Slate

@ 11:03 AM on September 30, 2013

““You know, you don’t really need makeup,” Rose Hill told me when we first met. We were at Hill’s studio in Los Gatos, Calif., where I’d come to see what a good makeup artist could do for a man (i.e., for me). Hill, who’s 60, has been doing makeup for film, television, theater, and commercial photography since she was a teenager. She’s worked on Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, every tech executive you can name, and Hugh Jackman—“my most favoritest person in the whole world,” she said as I thumbed through her portfolio.”

Rules of Graphic Design Poster Series

@ 10:57 AM on September 30, 2013

“The Rules of Graphic Design poster series was designed to present a daunting amount of information in the most accessible and approachable manner. Swiss International style’s influence is apparent in the rational use of grid structure, highly contrasting color scheme, reduction of information to its most necessary attributes, and use of a sans serif typeface. I rephrased all of the rules I was presented with, extrapolated and fleshed out paragraphs describing the reasoning behind the basis of each rule, and developed an example for each one.”

Jack the Ripper mystery solved by top detective after 125 years

@ 10:14 AM on September 30, 2013

“THE Jack the Ripper mystery that has kept the world enthralled since the killer first struck on the streets of Victorian London has been blown apart on the 125th anniversary of the grisly crimes by a former murder squad detective.”

Are Requests for Proposals a waste of money?

@ 9:17 AM on September 30, 2013

“Requests for Proposals are commonplace for any agency. But Brian Pullen believes RFPs are wasting time and money, and that there are better ways to hire agencies.