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Fun Papercraft Infographic Helps You Decide If You Should Take That Design Job

@ 5:42 PM on October 31, 2013

This amusing paper calculator wheel asks the user four questions about the job they have in mind—regarding its fit, pay, working conditions and ethics—in order to assist them in making an objective assessment. 

For instance, when the job is near-perfect, the answer to the question on working conditions should probably be, “Is this too much fun to be called ‘work’?”. 

Design Thinking, Deconstructed

@ 4:19 PM on October 31, 2013

Nueva School
At the Nueva School in Hillsborough, Calif., design thinking is built into students’ and teachers’ everyday lives. The process, which is an approach to learning that includes considering real-world problems, research, analysis, building by hand, and lots of experimentation, is documented and shared among staff.


The Transaction Marketing Age Has Ended. Enter The Participation Age or Perish

@ 4:08 PM on October 31, 2013

Brand value, as a result, was defined by converting interruption into transaction. Great branding created transaction.

As the economic landscape shifts, the transaction model is becoming obsolete

9 Rules For Running A Productive Design Critique

@ 3:15 PM on October 31, 2013


8 Websites That Will Dramatically Increase Your Internet Productivity

@ 2:23 PM on October 31, 2013

According to this Quora thread, the following sites will creatively keep you entertained.

Why have young people in Japan stopped having sex?

@ 2:10 PM on October 31, 2013

What happens to a country when its young people stop having sex? Japan is finding out… Abigail Haworth investigates

How Kapitza are using Kickstarter to launch their new art book without a publisher

@ 1:53 PM on October 31, 2013

Geometric Two is, naturally, a sequel to their 2008 book of patterns Geometric, which was released through German publisher Verlag Hermann Schmidt Mainz. Between the two, Kapitza released Organic, which was nominated as one of the Design Museum…

10 insights from the world of design

@ 1:37 PM on October 31, 2013

This year The Big Picture design research agency celebrates 20 years exploring consumers’ relationships with FMCG design for the likes of Unilever, GSK, and Reckitt Benckiser. We’ve used this milestone as an opportunity to take stock of some of…

Stolen Adobe account data found on the web

@ 12:00 PM on October 31, 2013

In an update on the data breach disclosed earlier this month, Adobe has said that source code for Photoshop was stolen. Making matters worse, a file containing 150 million usernames and hashed passwords has appeared online, and the company says…

Create Mouthwatering Bread Typography in Photoshop

@ 11:29 AM on October 31, 2013

“In this tutorial, I’ll show you how to create a wonderful baked bread text effect using Photoshop. I will explain every step in order to achieve the best possible result. Let’s get started!