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8 Pinterest Alternatives You May Not Know About

@ 4:34 PM on March 31, 2014

“Yes, there is. As it turns out, there are many sites out there that have taken the core concept of Pinterest and spun it in unique ways. Looking for a Pinterest for men? It’s out there. A Pinterest for food? It exists. A Pinterest for memes? You’re in luck. Keep reading to find the perfect Pinterest alternative for you.

A Simple Method To Fix Bags Under Eyes And Mismatched Skin Tones

@ 4:10 PM on March 31, 2014

This simple and efficient method described in the video below knocks the competition out of the park.

29 Ways to Stay Creative [2 min Video]

@ 3:50 PM on March 31, 2014

“TO-FU created this lovely short that somehow manages to pack 29 great tips for staying productive and creative, all in under two minutes! Just watching it will make you feel productive.

Three Streams You Should Add to HootSuite

@ 3:04 PM on March 31, 2014

Whether you’re a HootSuite newbie or an old pro, these three streams should be a part of any blogger’s streaminess:

15 Critical Mobile Apps That Web Designers And Developers Cannot Live Without

@ 1:54 PM on March 31, 2014

“With the world getting mobile, every single thing is available under your thumb now. Modern mobile apps allow you to perform the real work than just cuddling your mobile phone with your thumb. Here we are giving you 15 most crucial mobile apps that today’s modern web designers and developers cannot live without.

Physicists, Generals And CEOs Agree: Ditch The PowerPoint

@ 12:51 PM on March 31, 2014

He says it was as if “we removed the PowerPoint slide, and like a big glass barrier was removed between the speaker and the audience.

The Evolution of Illustration in Web Design

@ 12:06 PM on March 31, 2014

“Do you often use illustrations in your designs? Of course you do, as even now, when huge HD photos are on the peak of popularity, illustrations still don’t lose their relevance. Nevertheless, they have altered greatly during the long period of web design development.

Teen Discovers $400 Million Savings if Government Changes Fonts

@ 11:44 AM on March 31, 2014

“From this analysis, Suvir figured out that by using Garamond with its thinner strokes, his school district could reduce its ink consumption by 24%, and in turn save as much as $21,000 annually.”

Making History: 6 Of The Most Important Tweets Ever Tweeted

@ 10:10 AM on March 31, 2014

“These days, some of the most Earth-shattering news first spreads through the Twittersphere long before it makes front page news. Things like the Boston Marathon bombs, the Royal wedding announcement and the deaths of numerous public figures sp…

10 Most Creative Packaging Design

@ 9:24 AM on March 31, 2014

“One of the things that identifies a product is its packaging. Qualified and differentiated packaging design is a must for a product in today’s highly competitive world. There are hundreds of companies manufacturing the same kind of products, what distinguishes one product from another is its packing design. A packing design can be bizarre, cool, creative, weird or unusual, but it just should be different. Even a product is not better than its competitors, it can still sell itself with a creative design. Check out ‘’ 10 Most Creative Packaging Design ’’ below.