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Applying Macrotypography For A More Readable Web Page

@ 12:40 AM on August 26, 2016

Any application of typography can be divided into two arenas: micro and macro. Understanding the difference between the two is especially useful when crafting a reading experience, because it allows the designer to know when to focus on legibil…

Hoefler & Co. Fonts Available for Digital Publishing Apps, eBooks, More With App.typography

@ 12:11 AM on August 26, 2016

Now you can use the H&Co fonts you love to publish apps, digital publications, eBooks, and more. Meet App.typography, the simple font licensing solution for digital publishers.

“Type:Rider” Is The Ultimate Video Game About Typography

@ 12:11 AM on August 26, 2016


Garamond v Garamond | Physiology of a typeface

@ 11:26 PM on August 25, 2016

“By backwards, the accomplished work of hundreds of craftsmen of alphabetic forms who have strived for centuries to better writing and its legibility. We then have two schools of thought, two methods of approaching typographic critique, and one…

The 10 Best Typewriter Typefaces

@ 11:06 PM on August 25, 2016

Want to add typewriter-style text to your designs? We bring together a selection of the most effective typewriter fonts, from authentic to unusual, for you to use in your designs.

Interesting display typeface, Phantom, now a free font

@ 10:40 PM on August 25, 2016

Interesting display typeface, Phantom, now a free fontTags: Typography fonts

Gentlemen of Letters, a Dublin Sign Painting Film [Video]

@ 10:15 PM on August 25, 2016

“Technology has allowed some brands to ‘super-size’ and ‘hyper-scale’ – others to carve a niche as a ‘craft brand’ and in-between the two you find a ‘sea of commodity’, which is the dangerous ground in the middle where most companies find themselves.”

Essential Typography Tutorials and Resources

@ 9:56 PM on August 25, 2016

As content creators, it’s our job to ensure that anyone who looks at our work understands it both on an informational and also emotional level. When you communicate using written words, clarity and context can get lost in translation – whoever …

Famous Designers Disown The World’s Most Recognizable Typeface

@ 9:31 PM on August 25, 2016

A short film explores the history and future of Times New Roman, a legendary typeface no one wants to touch.

9 Amazing Type Designers to Inspire You

@ 8:59 PM on August 25, 2016

“They are the creators of beautiful logos, awesome labels, and creative typographic layouts. Some have been featured in typography magazines, major news publications, & adobe forums across the world. Scroll down and discover the world of type design, custom lettering, & calligraphy with these amazing type designers & letterers.