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Cisco Developing Cloud-Based Virtual Meeting Rooms

@ 2:47 PM on August 25, 2015

Sixty-six percent of the 200 event organizers who participated in Meeting Professionals International’s second-quarter Meetings Outlook survey this year indicated they expected a year-over-year increase in virtual attendance, and more than half of the respondents indicated their organizations were using virtual and hybrid technology to enhance in-person meetings or incorporate onsite and remote event elements. 

How To Run The Best Virtual Meeting Ever

@ 11:23 PM on August 4, 2015

My colleague Ken Perlman shares his tricks for running incredibly effective and enjoyable meetings – from 3,000 miles away.

8 Tips for Running a Virtual Meeting Like a Rockstar

@ 7:21 AM on July 27, 2015

Many companies, like us, now have dispersed team members. We love the freedom to hire amazing people regardless of where they live. As a manager, however, how do you run meetings like a rockstar when your entire team is not around the same phys…

Virtual Meetings Will Erase Face to Face – BusinessWeek

@ 7:21 AM on July 27, 2015

Forget hauling your briefcase on a no-frills airline flight to attend a stuffy convention. Online events are the best, most cost-effective places to exchange information and meet and greet. Pro or con?