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Training Your Coworkers to Understand Design

@ 5:39 AM on December 17, 2018

If you’re like most in-house designers, you follow a waterfall process where project assets are generated and shared, moving from one person to another in a sequential order. Now it’s time to see about how agile methodologies can help you work s…

The Makings Of A Great Logo: Six questions to ask yourself when designing a brand

@ 9:16 PM on December 16, 2018

Your company’s logo is the foundation of your business branding. It is probably the first interaction that you will have with your customers. An effective logo can establish the right tone and set the proper ethos. After years of crafting logos…

Design Before Computers Ruled the Universe (Nostalgia for You Whipper Snapper Designers)

@ 12:45 PM on December 16, 2018

When I first went to art school, a required course was Paste Up and Mechanicals. It was print production techniques. It took a steady hand, good eye, and the use of very toxic solvents and razor sharp cutting tools. The teachers, as with any pr…

Freelancers’ Questions: Is an estimate the same as a quote?

@ 4:25 AM on December 16, 2018

Freelancer’s Question: I normally give a price estimate to clients interested in the supply of my freelance services, but a new customer has insisted that I send them a quote. Is there much difference between an estimate and a quote? I really …

How Much Should You Charge Graphic Design Clients?

@ 4:25 AM on December 16, 2018

One of the biggest questions graphic designers have is how much to charge their clients for their services. How do you charge for graphic design work? How do you determine your pricing? There are several things that you should consider when det…

The Big Guide To Printing From Your iPhone or iPad

@ 8:05 PM on December 15, 2018

Wirelessly printing photos and documents straight from your iPhone and iPad can be as easy as sending someone a text message, using one of several built-in and third-party options.
Though paperless reading and sharing of documents is easy and a…

You Don’t Own Your Logo (and Why You Think You Do): Why Copyright Transfer Matters

@ 8:05 PM on December 15, 2018

Payment Does Not Confer Automatic Copyright or Intellectual Property Ownership

So, this scenario may be extreme, after all, you have commissioned a logo – your brand identity – and what else are you going to do with your brand identify apart f…

Design Principles: Visual Weight And Direction

@ 11:33 AM on December 15, 2018

Every element on a web page exerts a visual force that attracts the eye of the viewer. The greater the force, the more the eye is attracted. These forces also appear to act on other elements, imparting a visual direction to their potential move…

Your brain craves infographics – and here are 13 visual reasons why

@ 2:46 AM on December 15, 2018

Enjoy this great infographic about infographics and see why visuals work so well for distributing information Datavis Infographics

Double and Half, Freelancer Hourly Rate Math by Seth Godin

@ 6:52 PM on December 14, 2018

Successful freelancers need to charge at least double the hourly rate that they’d be happy earning doing full time work. (In many fields, it’s more like 4 or 5x). And they need to spend at least half their time getting… Freelance freelancing fr…