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@ 8:43 PM on February 10, 2019

5 Essentials to Becoming a Millionaire Before You’re 30

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How To Work Out Your Hourly, Daily or Project Rate

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How to Transition from Freelance Work to a Full Time Position

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25 Common Phrases That You’re Saying Wrong

@ 2:53 AM on January 22, 2019

“Here’s my list of common phrases that you might be saying incorrectly. Don’t be embarrassed if you notice you use the incorrect phrase; we all do it.

The phrases on the left are incorrect, the ones on the right are correct.”

10 Questions to Ask Yourself When Testing a Business Idea |

@ 10:54 PM on January 15, 2019

You’ve got a business idea you’re jazzed about, but aren’t sure if it’s feasible. What you need to do is test the concept to see how it stands up to a series of rigorous questions.

“You are always testing,” says Andre Marquis, Executive Direct…

How to Combat Clickbait With Headlines That Make Sense

@ 10:54 PM on January 15, 2019

Suspicion of clickbait means you may not get clicks even if your post is legit. It’s like The Boy Who Cried Wolf. Your post may actually contain a wolf – but if no one ever clicks to find out, it doesn’t matter, does it? You’re ignored on principle.Ta…

3 Reasons Day Dreaming is Good for You and Your Work

@ 11:01 PM on January 14, 2019

Are your mental meanderings a must-have feature of your cranial life or a bug in your skull system?

Peter Killeen, the psychologist who explained to us the neurophysiological step-by-step to mental wandering, asked as much in a recent paper…

The Top 10 Lies of Entrepreneurs and Investors

@ 4:07 AM on January 13, 2019

From my experience listening to pitches, I’ve seen two sets of top 10 lies: one of entrepreneurs and one of investors and I wanted to share them with you so that you know what not to say and what not to believe.