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InDesign CC Creating Fixed-Layout eBooks

@ 11:07 PM on December 11, 2018

Join Pariah Burke as he shows you all the advantages of Fixed Layout EPUBS in InDesign. He will show you the best techniques for taking advantage of engaging elements such as animations, video, audio, and much more. Once you complete this course, you’l…

Free Keyboard Shortcuts Cheatsheets for InDesign CC, Illustrator CC, and Photoshop CC

@ 2:56 PM on December 9, 2018

Free, printable, sharable cheatsheets of hotkey keyboard shortcuts for Adobe InDesign CC, Adobe Photoshop CC, and Adobe Illustrator CC for Mac and Windows for designers who want to be productive and proficient.
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InDesign CC: Mastering Type with Pariah Burke

@ 3:07 PM on December 8, 2018

Text is as at the heart of nearly every InDesign project. Fitting, then, that InDesign is the world’s most advanced type-setting platform. With all the text setting, styling, and manipulation power present in InDesign, it’s entirely possible–indeed, PR…

InDesign CC: Publish Online Video Training by Pariah Burke

@ 8:30 PM on December 3, 2018

Use InDesign Publish Online for publication distribution or to send proofs, sketches, and iterations of documents to clients for review and approval. InDesign Layout epub selfpub

InDesign CC: Publish Online

@ 3:14 AM on December 3, 2018

Pariah Burke teaches you how to use Publish Online, a distribution medium for InDesign documents for client proofing or widespread distribution. Publish Online operates from within InDesign but with a web component that makes your chosen documents view…

A web standards holiday card from Typekit

@ 9:03 AM on November 29, 2018

Count Characters and Words within Selected Text with Keyboard Maestro

@ 5:08 AM on November 24, 2018

A simple Keyboard Maestro macro to display the character count and word count of selected text anywhere and everywhere on your Mac. For professional and amateur writers, copywriters, journalists, and many others.
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Logopedia – A Wiki for Logos and Corporate Branding

@ 8:37 PM on November 23, 2018

Logopedia is a collaborative database for logos and corporate branding. It includes the history of successful company logos, popular branding, and more.

Here’s how to get new Dynamic Desktop wallpapers for Mojave

@ 3:06 PM on November 21, 2018

EXPIRES IN 9 DAYS – Quark Teams Up with Fontsmith to Provide $1500 Worth of Fonts for Free

@ 2:11 PM on November 21, 2018