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4 Ways To Maximize Your Content’s Social Media Visibility

@ 12:12 AM on January 21, 2019

Businesses and marketing practitioners use content to inform their target audiences of the many benefits of using their product or service. Most companies allocate huge budgets creating content whether it be in the form of a written article or …

Why Some People Have No Boundaries Online

@ 10:45 AM on January 11, 2019

“One is our boundary preferences: are we integrators or segmentors? If you’re an integrator, you like to build bridges between your professional and personal lives. Integrators strive to blend their jobs with their lives outside work—they’re ea…

Creating an International Social Media Strategy that Works

@ 11:44 PM on December 25, 2018

“Social media now connects people across the globe. Facebook has more than 1 billion worldwide users, with 2013 figures from checkfacebook listing Brazil as the second largest country on the network. Meanwhile, Mexico and Egypt took the top two…