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Typography for the Aging Eye

@ 7:39 AM on November 26, 2018

“Here are some guidelines for setting typography targeted towards the aging eye and those with some degree of visual impairment. NOTE: If designing for readers with more specific visual impairments or limitations, be sure to do your research as…

How to properly pronounce the names of typefaces (via MP3s)

@ 1:29 PM on November 24, 2018

Ralf Herrmann, a German designer and typophile, has compiled a helpful list of MP3s which let you hear how to properly say the fonts you use every day.

EXPIRES IN 9 DAYS – Quark Teams Up with Fontsmith to Provide $1500 Worth of Fonts for Free

@ 2:11 PM on November 21, 2018

The 10 Commandments of Typography

@ 9:53 PM on July 2, 2018

Have you been committing sins against type? We round up the most heinous crimes against typography and how to avoid them. Typography fonts design

How ampersand (&) came from a misunderstanding

@ 10:51 AM on February 11, 2018

The shape of the character (&) predates the word ampersand by more than 1,500 years. In the first century, Roman scribes wrote in cursive, so when they wrote the Latin word et which means “and” they linked the e and t. Over time the combine…

Singular They Drives Me Up a Wall (Grammar Gripe)

@ 3:41 AM on February 9, 2018

Singular they is the use of they (or its inflected forms, such as them or their) to refer to an entity that is not plural, or not necessarily plural. Though singular they is widespread in everyday English and has a long history of usage, debate…

Mind Your En And Em Dashes: Typographic Etiquette

@ 7:32 PM on February 8, 2018

An understanding of typographic etiquette separates the master designers from the novices. A well-trained designer can tell within moments of viewing a design whether its creator knows how to work with typography. Typographic details aren’t j…

Eight ‘Fonts’ Worse Than Comic Sans!?

@ 5:13 PM on January 30, 2018

Most people believe that Comic Sans is the ‘most hated’ font ever, but according to College Humor, there are worse ‘fonts’ out there—eight, in fact.

“A lot of people complain about Comic Sans, but there are plenty of other fonts more deservin…

Enhance Your Web Typography with the Best in Class jQuery Typography Plug-ins

@ 3:09 PM on January 27, 2018

Typography is a vital element of any website and it is this element which is often overlooked when it comes to web. Web Typography has tremendously enhanced and all thanks to the wide range of custom font solutions that are available such as th…