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Greedo – Who in the Galaxy is That?

@ 8:45 AM on February 7, 2017

He is at the center of history’s most controversial Star Wars moment. He was beat up by Anakin Skywalker. He is a legendary failure. He is Greedo the Young.

In His Mind, Billy Dee Williams Is Always Lando

@ 3:59 PM on February 3, 2017

I just never thought of anybody else being Lando, I just see myself as Lando.

Nazi Sub Portrayed in Raiders of the Lost Ark Discovered in the North Atlantic

@ 2:10 PM on February 3, 2017

German researchers have discovered the wreck of U-581, a Nazi sub that sunk near the Azores in February 1942. The 220-foot-long VIIC U-boat—the same type of sub featured in the classic films Das Boot and Raiders of the Lost Ark—was found broken in two, and at a depth of nearly 3,000 feet.